For multiple commercial reasons of large and small companies alike, there is an increasing trend to concentrate on core business activities & strategies in terms of resources & energies. Availing and hiring external professionals expertise to undertake certain non-core activities, routine functions, processes and activities can effectively & efficiently achieve this objective. In order to protect the integrity of our client businesses, we can assist how organizations can grow and enhance their value for stakeholders.





We advise & assist the organization on the following:


New Venture Planning
Formulation of corporate strategic objectives
Capital Restructuring
Debt Re-Scheduling
Organization & Feasibility Studies & Financial Projections
Mergers, acquisitions, Buy outs
Business related Contractual Agreements
Pre-Borrowing Review
Pre-Deal Evaluations & Deal structuring
Due diligence reports
Corporate Governance Issues
Pricing Strategies & Cost Management






Some of our key non-financial advisory services offered are:


Market Research Services
Evaluation of Product Line
Assessment of competitor strength & weaknesses
Choosing of appropriate technologies
Process Re-Design for System performance Optimization
Outsourcing of Business Processes

Besides the foregoing Approved Valuators for “Assets Valuation” and Qualified Quality professionals for “ISO 9000 & 14000” may be arranged upon special request.