The fundamental aim of every organization should be “Having the right people, with right skills in the right places at the right time”. So Manpower and Brainpower, you need both to run a business successfully. We are committed, to help you to make smart HR decisions, fast. We provide you with easy access to the information, resources, products and services you need to successfully manage the people side of the business. With our approach of linking people strategies with business strategies, we help employers maximize human performance, improve their bottom line and realize their vision.
Attracting and retaining quality people and motivating them to peak performances are critical goals for any organization so we develop capabilities for providing the following services:





Finding suitable personnel is not an easy task. We assure you the best of our assistance in finding the suitable personnel for any position. In this regard our methodology to meet the HR requirements for personnel search generally consists of the following procedure:

Search of Available Personnel

Out of CVs available in our professionally maintained

By advertise in print media if appropriate personnel is

   not available in our database
By contacting directly to personnel in similar markets.

Evaluation & Selection Procedure

Thorough analysis of personnel CVs to find out the right

Preliminary Interviews for Initial Screening
For selected candidates, administration of Written tests

   on specialized subjects & communication skills if required

   by the clients
Final Interviews by way of psychoanalysis to identify

   about personnel's

Competency traits
Ability of analyzing problem assessment
Leadership quality, motivations etc.







The second stage after personnel selection is to manage them successfully like other assets of the company. Their traits should be further polished from time to time in a variety of areas to help them overcome deficiencies and to turn weaknesses into strengths. Moreover different analytical procedures also play an important role for effective Personnel management.

Following outsourcing services are available

Training needs analysis to find out exactly “ Who need

   training in which area”.
Tailor-made in-house training programs for specific

Post training evaluations
Analysis, design of particular jobs
Designing of Compensation, Benefits & Reward System
Methodologies for performance appraisal
Quality overview of Personnel work
Time Management Analysis






Day-to-Day activities are governed by Policies, Procedures, Rules and Regulations. For successful & effective implementation throughout the organization, these Policies, Procedures, Rules and Regulations must be carefully devised and must be in writing.

Following is a list of procedure Manuals regarding different Policies, that we may develop for an organization:

Recruitment Policy
Salary & Overtime Policy
Increment Policy
Benefits & Profit sharing Policy
Promotion Policy
Attendance & Leave Policy
Medical Policy – Medical check ups
Insurance policy (health, group life, accident, medical

Traveling & Conveyance Policy
Vehicle Policy
Advances Policy
Ethical Values Policy
Provident Fund, Gratuity Rules
Training & Development Policy
Transfer Policy
Contractual & Part Time appointment Policy






We may arrange qualified & experienced professionals for any particular assignment in your organization on contractual basis.