Organizations exist to create value or benefit to their owners and other stakeholders. Quality independent audits & assurance services are the cornerstones in helping the organizations to improve their operations and to create value through a systematic & disciplined approach. To cater the needs of our clients, we provide a full range of variety of audit, assurance & accounting services, whatsoever, to suit any kind of business enterprise. Besides, we also believe in strengthening the internal controls within the organizations to further enhance the benefit of the above said services.





Independent & robust audit opinion is the hallmark of our profession. We provide opinions in accordance with national statutory requirements and in compliance with all relevant national and international regulations.


In this regard our services include:


Statutory/External Audits (u/s 252 of Companies

   Ordinance 1984)

Cost Audits (u/s 258 of Companies Ordinance 1984)

Special Audits

Sales Tax Audits (u/s 32A of Sales Tax Act 1990)

Income Tax Audits (u/s 222 of I.T. Ordinance 2001)

Internal Audits

Management Audits

Share transfer Audits

Procurement audits of contracts funded by the

   International funding agencies








Following are our compliance services relating to Assurance & Review Services


Quality Assurance Reviews

Assets Quality Reviews

Due Diligence Reviews

Regulatory Compliance Reviews

Credit Appraisals

Reporting Accountants for IPOs

Cost Allocation Studies








Assistance in Book - keeping Services
Compilation & Preparation of Financial Statements
Conversion of Manual Book keeping to Computerized

Counseling on accounting related issues and legislation